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Paseo, the latest gem in the Downtown Disney® District, brought to life by the visionary Michelin-starred Chef Carlos Gaytán. This authentic Mexican restaurant masterfully blends rich cultural heritage with contemporary flair. Delight in exquisitely crafted dishes that combine delicate flavors with bold zest and spice. Gather with friends and family for an inspiring dining experience that celebrates tradition and innovation.


1580 Disneyland Dr,Anaheim, CA 92802

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Céntrico, the newest addition to the Downtown Disney® District, envisioned by the celebrated Michelin-starred Chef Carlos Gaytán. This open-air Mexican restaurant and cantina serves as the ideal locale for making lasting memories. Experience the vibrant flavors of Chef Carlos’s childhood in Mexico through our outstanding specialty cocktails and authentic dishes. Céntrico is more than a dining destination—it's a place to gather, celebrate, and savor life’s moments.


1580 Disneyland Dr,Anaheim, CA 92802

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Tiendita is the quick service complement to the Paseo and Céntrico eatery and cantina, offering a convenient grab-and-go experience. Inside, you'll find a vibrant selection of Mexican favorites, from quesadillas and tacos to ceviches and tostadas. 

Refresh with our traditional aguas frescas and indulge in sweet buñuelos. Whether you’re on the move or looking for a quick, delicious bite, Tiendita has something to satisfy every craving.


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Chef Carlos Gaytán’s restaurant in Chicago, is an homage to his Mexican Culinary customs and his love for French Cuisine.

TZUCO® is Carlos’ best expression of himself. Food that excites the spirit and warms up the heart.

The naming comes from Carlos Gaytán’s hometown in Guerrero, Mexico. Huitzuco (derived from the Nahuatl -Huixochin- meaning abundant thorns) becomes the perfect metaphor to talk about Gaytan’s arduous and unbelievable journey of success. It is no coincidence that Chef Carlos Gaytán was born in a land that symbolizes resilience, as his own personal story, to be told in his new restaurant, is one of sheer dedication and perseverance.


720 N State St, Chicago, IL, 60654, USA.

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Tales by Carlos Gaytán

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Where culinary narrative comes to life through the genius of Chef Carlos Gaytán, Tales is an exclusive enclave within Tzuco. 

Every detail in this private dining heaven, accentuated with Chef Gaytán's favorite hue - black, and nuanced with Mexican crafts, is a prelude to an intimate journey where guests are immersed in an ambiance echoing the chef's heritage, while a dedicated kitchen crafts the chapters of his story, plate by plate.


720 N State St, Chicago, IL, 60654, USA.

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UMMO is a contemporary Italian restaurant that showcases the dynamic flavors of regional Italian cuisine within a vividly designed and imaginative setting. 

At UMMO, contemporary Italian fare is expertly crafted, blending a deep appreciation for both Italian and American cultures. Emphasizing simplicity and the use of high-quality ingredients gathered from across the globe, UMMO delights guests with exquisite, house-made pastas, indulgent selections of cheese and meats, lively vegetable dishes, robust proteins, tender seafood, and more. 

The menu undergoes frequent updates to incorporate seasonal produce and new finds, ensuring that diners have the opportunity to explore the full spectrum of Italian culinary art. We invite you to UMMO for an exceptional culinary adventure that promises to be memorable.



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a store inside of a restaurant

Enjoy a full dinner experience at LOFT 22 at UMMO, a destination for those seeking refined dining in a cool, energetic environment.

With UMMO’s contemporary Italian menu available in its entirety on Friday and Saturday from 6-10 p.m., set the tone for a memorable night in a chic, comfortable space filled with soft lighting, vibrant art installations, and a relaxed vibe. 

In addition, partake in craft cocktails, a smart selection of boutique wines, and unparalleled hospitality.



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